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Whether you are wanting to work on your own, work with a community, or work with me individually, join me today to discover your path to Mastering Self-Love!

4 Reasons Why You May Be Failing at Self-Love $49.99

Online Training: Learn the 4 reasons you may be failing at self-love and what you can do to fall in love with yourself

Self-Love AcadeMe - $9/month

Online Community: Join a community and enjoy monthly content - video training, live presentations and interviews with Q&A to support you on your self-love journey. This membership purchase includes Meredith's online course for FREE

Your First Personal Coaching Session $79.99

Personal Coaching: Join me for a 60 minute power session to explore your dreams and develop an action plan to go forward.

I'm here to bring you back to your authentic, bad ass Self, and help you continue your journey ahead with soul-shattering clarity to where you belong.

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