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When Belong To Love began as an inspirational page on Instagram, Meredith Marple never could have fathomed the reach she could have made today. She realized quickly, through an outpouring of uplifting and inspiring stories and testimonies, that Belong To Love was so much more than just a phrase.

It became it's own lifestyle that had unexpectedly grown out of three little words and it dug far deeper than she could have ever imagined. Today, Belong To Love has a community of passionate and magnificent individuals. They exist to break down the barriers of dark and tough pasts and help us find the gifts and empowerment in the future.

No matter your mistakes, past, challenges, personal dramas, gender, race, orientation or relationship status, you belong to Love. We focus on living life through the lens of knowing we have always had Love, BEEN Love and have never been separated from it.



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