50 Ways of Self-Love is a Self-Help Book


not a self-shame book.

What this is: 50 Ways of Self-Love is a guidebook to planning out self-love practices and principles with various creative, non-bullshit ways to enhance your own inner-reflective love story through the teachings of regular practice with a side of sassy and fun! Over 1,000 copies sold and printed in English.

The gist of it: I will never tell you that you need to be better. I will never convince you that you need to improve yourself because there is no room to be “better” and to “upgrade” when you’re already enough as is, whole as is, and worthy as is. With this book I share with my audience my understanding in the incredible force and power behind the relationship we create and maintain with ourselves. Compiled are 50 of my best tips which will be helpful in your own romance story with yourself. Some of them are simple steps which you can engage in immediately. Some are more complex steps which take conscious effort, time and processing to fully integrate. Therefore, some chapters include questions or blank spaces for you to question your thoughts and beliefs, and to journal as your reflect on the book you are reading.

And here's why you need it: You're seeking more joy, confidence and peace within yourself. You want to take your self-esteem from bad or good to great. You want to learn how to make yourself a priority. You want to have more energy, more hope, more success, more happiness, more love and more comfort in your life. You are at the point where you need help setting stepping stones towards a personally designed life that is the ultimate expression of your authenticity.



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